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Help me find my stolen car...

Stolen from my driveway in Kenmore on Tuesday night the 24th. The suspect is in custody, but not talking about the car. His name is Rich Brady and was arrested that night on multiple warrants.

A friend of mine was nice enough to put up a web page:

The picture is a generic Ford 2000 Contour. On mine, the housing of the rear view mirror is black.

I looked for it all over today (the police aren't doing much). I found the store the person who stole it was arrested at (a mini mart at Hyde Park Blvd and Lafayette in Niagara Falls) and worked my way back. Looking in plazas, apartment complexes, out of the way streets, etc.

A red Liberty cab dropped him off a this mini mart about 2 hours after he stole my car, accrding to niagara Falls police reports. Liberty Cab has a memory problem about having been anywhere near there that night. The Kenmore Police are having a problem making calls to 'jog' Liberty Cab's memory. They are not too helpful. If I only knew where Liberty Cab picked him up. Likley in Tonawanda, somewhere, is my guess.

The plate # is BMR4456, the VIN#1FAFP6632YK142883

It is messy inside, so there will be a lot of papers with the name Tracy on them or my daughter's name, Jasmine.

There is a small reward for info leading to me recovering my car. Or anonymous tips are also helpful at 903-2496.

I will cross post this and sorry If I bore anyone too much with this:)

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