No one remembers (em_sue) wrote in yo_niagara_yo,
No one remembers

Help Por Favor!

Allo All

Here is the deal. I am doing a presentation in my Philosophy class adressing the issue of free will and determinism. If you feel like getting philosophical (or just giving a simple yes or no) I would like to know your feelings upon this issue. Do you think there is something such as fate? Is everything in our lives predetermined? Thoughts, feelings, credo's, rants, all very much accepted, and will be used in the presentation and paper.

If you need a little more clarification on the subject, please do not hesitate to AIM (Emi716) or Yahoo Mess (Not_so_easy716) me.

I put this request out to the LJ community because I respect everyone here for their obvious passion for life, and their desire to understand their world more through their writing.

Thank you, much love, and please email your responses back to me within the week. My email is

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